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Ultraviolet rays from the sun and tanning beds can increase your risk of skin cancer. The knowledgeable medical spa team at Arden Wellness Body Contouring in Hauppauge, New York, understands you still want to look your best with that sun-kissed glow though, so they offer spray tans with the added bonus of vitamin D. A spray tan is a great way to get that natural-looking bronze glow any time of year, without the risk of accelerated aging or skin cancer. Learn more about the benefits of a spray tan at Arden Wellness Body Contouring by calling or scheduling an appointment online.

Spray Tan Q & A

What is a spray tan?

A spray tan is a safe alternative to the sun’s harmful rays or tanning beds when you want your skin to have a natural, bronzy glow. A spray tan is a spray-on product that reacts with your individual body chemistry to give you a natural-looking darker skin tone, as if you spent time outdoors, but without the risks of sun damage and skin cancer.

What are the different spray tan methods?

A professional spray tan, like the ones you can get at Arden Wellness Body Contouring, involves standing in a booth with your arms lifted overhead while an even layer of spray tan solution covers your body. It only takes a few minutes to apply the spray tan, and you wear protective eyewear for your safety. At Arden Wellness Body Contouring, your spray tan also includes vitamin D3, an essential vitamin your skin produces when it responds to natural sunlight.

Other spray tan methods include an airbrush tan, in which an aesthetic specialist manually sprays the solution onto your body. You can also buy self-tanning products that you spray on from a can, but the results are generally not as uniform as a professionally applied spray or airbrush tan.

What are the benefits of a spray tan?

The benefits of spray tans are numerous, including the fact that you’re avoiding the sun’s harmful rays and ultraviolet radiation, which can cause skin cancer. Other benefits include:

  • Fastest, most convenient way to get a darker glow for instant results
  • Quick-drying products so you can get on with your daily activities
  • Even coloring over your entire body
  • Maintain a healthy glow all year long, not just in the summer

The team at Arden Wellness Body Contouring offers services that help you look and feel your best every day. They can apply your spray tan at their newly remodeled Long Island location, or they can come to your home or office for added convenience.

If you have a special occasion, such as a wedding or class reunion, and you want to look your best for that event, a spray tan is an ideal solution. You can maintain your tan by scheduling regular appointments at Aren Wellness Med Spa every couple of weeks.

See what it feels like to have a truly healthy glow on your skin. Call the office or use online booking to make a spray tan appointment today.